miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

T-shirts can tell what people is afrais to say

T-shirts can be a really chic part of an outfit and not lazy as they are usually thought to be.You just have to know how to wear them. I wear them all the time.Ad they are better if they have a message,like the oe I wearing rith ow. It says I' M A REAL SPAISH FASHIO FAN,wich can mea that I'm spanish and a fashio fa and also that I'm a fan of spanish fashio. Sometimes they can express our feelings and we don't even know it.Sometime ago a reall interesting account from an oline t-shirt shop called Prayfor Paris and they have great t-shirts like ia very givenchy style.Anyways I leave some pictures of cool t-shirts weared very good. I hope you have a nie week because I don't know if I'm going to be able to post cause I'm in Finland babes,yes,it's really ie.A amazing experience.

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