miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Robert y Dior

I' ve always thought Robert Pattinso has something special that makes him look like a real gentelman,those who you do not mee now,who oly existed i the past.Thats what I thik when I see him and even though he's the yougest Dior ma in history I truly thik this roll fits him very well.We can see the first images from the new Dior Homme perfume advert that will be realeased in september 1st.
I really like it and can't wait to see the whole advert,and I also think that Robert is a very good model who should do more campaings.
I hope you think the way I do.

I'm sorry if I don't post very much in a while cause I'm living an amazing experience in Åland,some pretty little islands in Finlad.

Siempre he creido que Robert Pattinson tiene esa 'special thing' de caballero que ya no se suele encontrar en adie,de esos que te hacen pesar en la epoca dorada de Hollywood o la decada de los 20 en Chicago cuando todos llevaba traje.Eso es lo que pienso cuando escuch su nombre y aunque es el hombre Dior más joven de la historia de la marca creo que el papel de hombre Dior le sienta muy bien.Al menos es lo que podemos deducir de las pocas imagenes ya publicadas por la casa de su nuevo perfume para hombres que saldrá  el 1 de septiembre.Aquí os las dejo.

Siento no haber escrito e un tiempo y tampoco lo haré muy a menudo en las próximas semanas porque estoy viviendo una experiecia genial en las preciosas islas Åland,Filandia y sí tengo tiempo para escriir pero no ganas.

miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

T-shirts can tell what people is afrais to say

T-shirts can be a really chic part of an outfit and not lazy as they are usually thought to be.You just have to know how to wear them. I wear them all the time.Ad they are better if they have a message,like the oe I wearing rith ow. It says I' M A REAL SPAISH FASHIO FAN,wich can mea that I'm spanish and a fashio fa and also that I'm a fan of spanish fashio. Sometimes they can express our feelings and we don't even know it.Sometime ago a reall interesting account from an oline t-shirt shop called Prayfor Paris and they have great t-shirts like ia very givenchy style.Anyways I leave some pictures of cool t-shirts weared very good. I hope you have a nie week because I don't know if I'm going to be able to post cause I'm in Finland babes,yes,it's really ie.A amazing experience.